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In Memoriam.

When our lovely Shawn died on 16 October 2008 we thought that it may be a good idea to have a page where anyone who has lost a Greyhound, or any kind of dog, could post a picture of their loved one with perhaps a few words in remembrance. We have started the page with Shawn's memoriam and picture. Please email your picture to us if you want to remember your dog through this site. Please try to keep any text down to about 50 words if you can. E-mail us. Please mention that it is the Merseyside and North Cheshire website that you wish to be on.

Here is a beautiful poetic tribute to Ice who lived happily with Ruth for many years. ICE-MAN

A Greyhound Wish.

"When I die, let it be as a pet, so that someone will remember me."

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