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In memory of Scooby, Seb, Milly, Hovis, Midge, Gibbs, Lee and Lulu.

Leo Mike
Leo died on 23 October 2018 after a short illness and is much missed by his loving family. Remembering our beautiful, gentle and loving friend, Mike (Good Boy, Mikey) who died in his sleep on 26 June 2019 aged 13 after 6 years in our lives. Mike died doing what he loved best - sleeping on his favourite patch of the livingroom rug. We love you, Mike, and will miss you always.
The Donaldson's x
We lost our lovely Sadie today.
We are all heartbroken xx
Such a beautiful girl xxx
Kippa Kippa

Sadly, We had to say good bye to our lovely Kippa after 7 years of making amazing memories.
She was a loving and kind dog. She will be missed and loved by our family forever. RIP Kippa Darling xxx


Rosa was born at the Branch on the 15th October 2010 and at 14 weeks old she joined me and became my queen.
On the 6th October 2020 she told me it was time for her to go and she did so very quickly with her head on my lap.
Rest easy now forever my Queen, you were loved by everyone.

I have left you now
But please donít be sad,
You gave me all the love you had,
You did so much for me in my time here
And I'll always hold those precious times dear.
I know someday you'll find love again
And into your life will come new friends,
Your heart will heal, though you'll never forget
Memories like when we first met.
Memories are wonderful, so keep them close
And remember all the good times the most,
Up in heaven for animals is where I will be
And someday in the future, each other we will see.
I am at PEACE now, so please donít be sad
You gave me all the love you had.

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