When I was just a few days old
My fur was thin, I was always cold.
When picked up I would cry and shake
In the palm of your hand I would shiver and quake
With my Amber eyes and coat blue/grey
I was nicknamed Ice-cube from that day.

As the months went by I grew and grew
But my nickname by then had stuck like glue.
A strong, fine dog I was starting to be
All who came used to admire me
My silly name no longer reflected the fine dog that I am
So from the little "ice-cube" came a fine "ICE-MAN"

Being so handsome doesn't make you fast,
In my early trials I was always last
I wanted to prove I had power and might
So during a trial I decided to fight
It didn't go down well, though I fought my case
But the track insisted, I was not allowed to race

My career was over, my racing was done
There was nothing else for it but to go home with mum.
From that day to this I have never looked back
I never really fancied a career at the track
I'm far too handsome to get covered with sand
The best move I made was to get myself banned.

My days are now spent on a large double bed
With a big fluffy pillow under my handsome head
I accept all the pleasures that my life can bring
And relish in the fact that I'm treated like a king
I've made the best decision a dog like me can
From the little ICE-CUBE to a clever ICE-MAN.

My face is silver-grey, 11 years have now passed
I'm still a pup in my head, but time has gone fast.
Illness has struck, the last few years have been trying
Organs now failing, my body is dying.
I still enjoy the quality of life I receive
And this world I am not yet ready to leave.

When the time does come for me to say goodbye
Be happy for me and please don't cry.
Of my life I don't have one single regret
Because my dreams and needs have always been met.
When my last breath is taken and my journey is complete
At the Rainbow Bridge my friends I will meet.

A greyhound is for life, we're not just here to race
If you want a loving companion, look no further than their face.
A walk, a pat, a meal a day
Is all we ask for when we pray
My easy life was always my plan
From the little Ice-cube to the epic ICE-MAN.

Sadly Ice passed away on 3/7/08