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Robbie The dog has seldom been successful in pulling man up to its level of sagacity, but man has frequently dragged the dog down to his.

- James Thurber (1894-1961) U.S. humorist, illustrator.

My secret favorite, Robbie the brindle. We only had you for eight weeks and you were taken from us by a heart attack. It shouldn't happen to such a lovely gentle dog, only four years old. We gave you our best and you responded with love.

We will always miss you as will Vicky, your soulmate.
 A man may smile and bid you hail
Yet wish you to the devil;
But when a good dog wags his tail,
You know he's on the level.

Will Rogers. 1879 - 1935.

 Hope 08/08/1997 - 19/02/2012 Who died peacefully at 11.15 today 19 February 2012. Thank you to everyone who helped make this girl's final weeks so happy.
Pennymem 1 Pennymem 2
Penny Rose Cook 9/9/00 to 7/7/12.
Our beautiful Penny who passed away peacefully will be missed by all. Penny enjoyed life, holidays and visits to Nannas` and Grampas`. She`ll be happy to be back running and playing with Ronnie. Thanks to everbody who helped look after Penny
Peggymem Jetmem
Peggy sadly passed away on 31/12/12 after a very short illness. Peggy came into our care on 8/12/12, such a lovely, sweet girl we all had high hopes that she would soon find a lovely home.
RIP sweet girl.
Graham (MRGT)
In memory of my beautiful greyhound Jet who sadly passed away in the early hours today. You were the apple of my eye, always happy, wagging your tail and loved your snuggles on the bed. You brought me 9 years of happiness and joy. I will never forget you my numpty. Sleeping with the angels now and forever in my heart. Love you baby boy.
Bear Tess
Big Bear came into our lives in November 2009. The most gentle of gentlemen, a complete charmer who brought us so much joy and so many giggles. We went on to adopt Layla (Lyrea Lassie) and they would have their daily race round the garden, curl up together on their beds and swap dinners. Our loss is immense because your gentleness filled us all with love. Run free gentle Bear xxx
Annemarie, Jon and Joshua.
Tess (Russanda Lark) 1/7/2004 to 3/2/2015.
Run free sweet Tessie, all is well xx
To see a lovely poetic tribute for Tess click here.
Baz Baz and Missy
This is our Baz who we believe to be a rampur greyhound who died last Sunday 15th Feb 2015 after becoming ill in January. He was a complete superstar, very loving and loyal and we are totally devastated by his loss. We know he is running around somewhere with Missy our border terrier cross who died 4th Jan 2014. See you later kids. Love you always.---Mum and Dad.

I haven't gone and left you,
I'm here, but you can't see
How close I am beside you,
Yes Mum, it's really me.

Thank you for your kindness,
You've freed me from all pain,
I know you're sad, but don't be,
Soon we'll meet again.

Death is really not the end,
It's just a passing on
Into a world of brightness,
Where fear and pain is gone.

I'm free to run around and play
Just like I used to do.
Until we meet again Mum,
I'll wait here just for you.

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