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Justin If a dog will not come to you after he has looked you in the face, you should go home and examine your conscience.

Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924) 28th president of the U.S

Sadly Justin passed away on Tuesday 25/05/2010. Justin suffered heart and breathing failure while coming round from a dental operation. He was a beautiful, gentle lad who was a favourite of all the volunteers who met him during his stay at the kennels and he wll be forever remembered by everyone.
God Bless & RIP Justin.
Graham (MRGT).
To see a special tribute to Justin click here.
 If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die, I want to go where they went.
Will Rogers. 1879 - 1935.
Tegon and Patch. Tegon and Patch.
 Just to say goodbye to our greyhounds of 10 years, Tegon and Patch. We lost you both within 2 months of each other. Here are a couple of pictures of happy times camping with their Nan.
Ronniemem 1 Ronniemem 2
Date of Birth: 17/10/98 Ronnie sadly died 6/12/09. He is greatly missed by Penny Cook, Adrian and Sarah Cook (adopted parents), and his close pals Gem (greyhound) and Dexter (labrador.) Ronnie was always happy and loved playing with his toys. Also visiting his nannas and grampas.
Jellybean - 16 March 1997 to 27th June 2010. A very special girl who touched everyone's heart with her zest for life. She gave me 13 wonderful years crammed full of cherished memories. Good night god bless my Jelly (hope you are re-united with your brother Iceman) Ruth xx
Ruby memorial 1 Ruby memorial 2

Brindle fur, big brown eyes,
That cheeky smile that meant a surprise.
Little white feet, you were such a treat.
I knew from the start and I was right,
I love you Ruby,
Sleep Tight!

Ruby memorial 3 Ruby memorial 4

Listen - can you hear your name?
He’s calling you - my friend
Although you’re slipping from me now -
This is not the end……………

A new life is about to start
Where you’ll be free from pain
Old-age - you’ll shrug off like a cloak
And you’ll be young again.

Listen - can you hear Him call?
His voice is soft and low
And as you leave this earth behind
Remember - as you go…….

I’ll not forget you my dear friend
Though we may be apart
Your mem’ry will remain with me -
Forever, in my heart.

Listen - He is calling still
Reaching out and so…..
Take His hand and slip away
It’s time for you to go.

So many happy times we’ve shared
These, sadness can’t erase
I feel that we’re together still
Tho’ we’ve gone separate ways.

I’m listening - but there’s no sound
You must have heard His voice
We both knew that the time had come
We knew there was no choice.

You’ve breathed your last - your eyes are closed
But this is not the end…….
For life at Rainbow Bridge awaits
Rest in Peace - dear friend.

J Zatonski 2004.

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