Post your Pics. Page 23

Princess and Flee. Princess and Flee 2.
Princess, (the brindle) at home with FleeFlee making sure that Princess is secure.
Hope. Hope 2.
Hope (now Bobby Hope) relaxing at home.
Frankie 2. Frankie 1.
Frankie (who was called Whitey in our kennels) playing with one of his many new toys.Oh so tired, sleeping after playtime!!
Jackson 1. Jackson 3.
Jackson opening his Christmas presents.OK, let's see what's in here.
Jackson 4. Jack in the sun.
Right, soon have it open now.Jack... happy in retirement, enjoying the garden.
Alyx. Black and white minstrals.
Alyx (formerly Petal) please!The MRGT Black and White Minstrels.

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