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Sammy and his new coat. Lindi exploring her new house.
Here is a pic of Sammy in his beautiful new coat knitted by Helen. It was going to be an early birthday present but Sammy couldn't wait to try it on, we think he looks very handsome in it, and he agrees. Lindi exploring her new home.
Lindi 5. Lindi 6.
Lindi resting at home.Lindi still resting at home.
Belle and her daddy Nigel. Belle and Marble in the Garden.
Here are Belle and her daddy Nigel Belle and Marble the rabbit in the garden.
Bele having a romp. Belle and Marble.
Belle having a romp.These rabbit sure smell good.
Princess. Dontez.
Princess, mother of the 3 pups homed on 24/12/2009.Frankie (now called Dontez) settling into his new home!
Frankie 5. Frankie 6.
This is Frankie (formerly Whitey) exploring in the New Forrest.Enjoying an ice cream on his holidays.
Frankie 7.
Frankie's favourite past time, lazing in the garden.

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