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Socks, Sam and Red in snow.
Socks, Sam and Red all excited to go out in the snow.
Sammy 3. Sammy 4.
Not sure about this white stuff.That's better, back in the warm with my favourite toy.
Ash and Alfie. Ash and Alfie with Louis.
Here is a picture of Ash, now with his brother Alfie (our latest addition).Also a picture of Louis with them both in the snow.
Brandy in car. Brandy on beach.
Brandy and her new friend Ralf eager to go to the beach.Arrived and ready for a walk in the fresh air.
Honey Alfie
Honey Alfie
The four pics above are Krissy who found her home with Ron and Marilyn in January 2010.
Radar Radar at home
Radar attended his first event on Saturday 6th February 2010 at Pets at Home Aintree, and he was an instant success. Radar at home.

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