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Ash eating snowballs One happy dog
This is Ash, who used to be called Ziggy, eating snowballs. One happy dog.
The three musketeers
The three musketeers.
Tess in the snow. Tess
This is our beautiful Tess (formerly Princess) enjoying the snow in her winter coat. She wouldn't put the hat on though!
Indi with toys Indi at home
Indi on Christmas morning with her favourite cuddly toy- Leo and her new presents. Indi is such a happy and good natured dog, we think that this picture just sums it up completely.    'The Venables'
Zina with presents. Zina at home.
Zina with her presents on Christmas day.
Storm. Jazmine.
Storm having a lazy day and Jazmine dressed for xmas live with Ruth, a supporter of the branch.
Rosie 1. Rosie 3.
Rosie (now named Dusty) relaxing at home.

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