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Lulu Lulu 2
Taken at Halton Haven Hospice just after Lulu had chosen me! This is how Lulu sleeps at night sometimes.
Jack in the woods Big Bear at home
Here's a picture of Jack enjoying his walk in the woods. Big Bear relaxing at home.
Ash Ash 2
This is Ash and Matt up the Great Orme. Ash in the garden with Louis.
Danny Danny
Hi Everyone I am Danny. I'm getting on fine with the folks - 3 weeks and counting. I've learned to climb stairs as I didn't want to be on my own in the dark!
Danny Danny
I have two comfy beds and I have made friends with loads of humans, a few dogs and I even like next doors cat! I have new toys but I must remember not to get them mixed up with Winnie the Pooh or mums Slippers! Oops!
Toby Yogi
Jo (now Toby) "admiring the guinea pigs" at a fundraiser/awareness day at Pets at Home Speke. Apparantly he has asked Santa for one for Xmas !!!! Yogi relaxing at home.

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