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Ash and Willow Ash, Willow and Holly
Ash, (who used to be called Ziggy) and Willow taking a breather in the forest. Willow up for more. Ash and Holly, (the black one) saying "Give it a rest won't you!"
Ash Ash 3
Ash. ---- I dont like pebbles! Just how many dogs can you spot!
Blossom Blossom and Red 1
We adopted Blossom on 31st October 2008 and a year on she is very settled. Bloss and her friend Red.
Blossom and Red 3 Blossom and Red 4
Bloss and Red doing their favourite pastime ...... sleeping! It is a hard thing you know playing with those toys!
Ruby 1 Ruby 2
Ruby, who used to be called Lady relaxing in her new home.Ruby with her favourite toy.
Ruby 3 Billy 4
Dreaming of rabbits. Billy who found his home with Steve on 25 September 2009.

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