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Jenai and Serge
Jenai visiting Serge and getting ready for a walk along Ainsdale beach.
Jenai 1 Jenai 3
Jenai dreaming of her forever home. Great shot of Jenai out walking.
Ralph 4
Ralph 5 Ralph 6
Here's some nice ones we took of Ralph the other day (really wish he'd get a home soon......he's such a lovely affectionate greyhound) got quite close to him during the two weeks we nursed his poorly toe. Warm Regards, Stuart & Karen.
Tess Tess 2
We adopted Princess, who has been renamed Tess, a few weeks ago and she has settled in beautifully. She seems to be enjoying her new home, and we love having her here. Regards Jean.
Ash at home
Ash at his new home with friends Matt and Louis.
Annie on beach Annie on beach 2
Annie having a day out on the beach with her friends.

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