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On the 6/3/10 Oscar came in to our care and was kenneled with Sierra who had arrived on 10/2/10. They became great buddies and everyone who met them said "how happy they looked together". They were always walked together and spent 24/7 in each others company.

On the 1/6/10 a home came along for Oscar and although we were all happy that Oscar had found his forever, loving home with a great family, it was sad that Sierra had lost her best mate. Sierra was never the same after Oscar left. Even though she had a new kennel mate you could tell she was not the same. As time went by and five more greys found their loving homes we were all wondering when it would be Sierra's turn.

On Sunday 20/6/10 I received a phone call from Oscar's new owner asking whether Sierra was still in our care - Yes I replied (fingers crossed). Well we would love to give her a home with Oscar; even though he has been a perfect gent we feel he has been missing his buddy. So at 3.30pm on Sunday 20/6/10 Oscar and Sierra were reunited. Happy days.
Graham (MRGT).

Oscar Sierra