Post your Pics. Page 31

Chance5. Chance1.
Here is Chance when we first brought him homeA bit of meat on my bones now!
Chance3. Chance2.
Chance having a kip, Sky saying lazy blighter!Chance can kip anywhere!
Chance6. Chance4.
How gorgeous am I!Happy, happy, happy.
Hugo4. Hugo3.
Hugo (was Custard) with his new friend!Relaxing and dreaming of rabbits on the dunes.
Rocky and Jack. Katie.
Rocky now named Billy adopted 6/6/14, relaxing with his new mate Jack after a walk. Katie homed 13th September 2014.
Have I always lived here?
Stan. Ziggy.
Georgie now named Stan, who was homed on 11/1/15, learning to relax in his new home, --- happy or what!! Bobby renamed Ziggy homed 24th January 2015 settling in and enjoying life in his loving home.

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