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Ray 1. Ray 3.
Here are some pics of Ray... he is settling down very well. He is extremely pleased with his bed... he is never out of it (Iíve never known a dog sleep so much).
Ray 4. Bobby and Star 1.
Ray at Benllech Beach. He has figured out what pocket the treats are in.Here are some pics of Bobby and Star.
Bobby and Star 2. Bobby and Star 3.
And Bobby and Star on the beach
Legs 7. Ash and Suzy 3.
Legs 7Ash (white) and Suzy (brindle) with Callum.
Ash and Suzy 1. Ash and Suzy 2.
Willow (jack russell) with Ash and Suzy.Ash, right! going to ambush Suzy now.
Robbie. Cza.
Robbie (who was Robin) by the fireplace.Roscoe snoozing after his brunch.

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