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Logo A branch of the RGT, registered charity number 269668.

Billy and Abbie re-united.

I guess some things are just meant to be. On the 24th of November 2012, Billy Whizz joined our merry band. Having raced at a major track, he came to us in retirement via a trainer with whom we have a long standing re-homing arrangement. Billy is currently in foster and is doing very well. Moving forwards to the 3rd of March this year, at the request of our Borough Council dog warden, we agreed to take in a stray bitch as she hadn't been reclaimed. For logistical reasons she was delivered to where Billy currently resides. When her lineage was investigated it transpired that she was registered with the Irish racing board at birth, but never raced in Ireland or on any major British track. Her ear marks seemed familiar, but it wasn't until she was running around the garden with Billy that the penny dropped! So here we have Billy and Abbie, litter brother and sister, both now in the care of Merseyside RGT but arriving through very different routes.

Billy and Abbie